About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower students, parents and instructors with the building blocks to facilitate the accomplishment of short-term and long-term goals based on a structured program consisting of five foundational principles: Desire, Dream, Vision, Believe, Power.


Who We Are

SportsRhythms, a unique athletic and academic skills development company founded in 2002 by Byron Jackson (brother of NFL Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson), commands a significant place in the world of sports, athletic training, media, and education. Currently a small business with humble beginnings, SportsRhythms has the talent to be a well respected company recognized globally.


What We Do

Having a sincere desire to see youths succeed, our goal is to use proven programs to help participants discover their potential and maximize their strengths to achieve significant success on the field and in the classroom. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality, most inspirational development, facilitated by some of the best instructors, coaches and athletes. We work with a wide range of youths from all walks of life. We take a unique "whole person" approach to supporting, challenging and motivating every one of our participants to be the best physically as well as mentally. We have helped people overcome learning obstacles and achieve significant personal and professional success through utilizing our proven athletic training model.