Youth Organization to Empower Athletes

SportsRhythms is your center for updated and developmental sports education and lifestyle coaching to build young athletes into professionals on and off the playing field. At the very foundation of our program, we have five principles:

  • Desire - wish, craving, yearning, (learning orientation)
  • Dream - goal, target, ambition
  • Vision - imagination, idea, prediction
  • Believe - faith, trust, confidence, (persistence)
  • Power - force, control, energy, (resilience)

Youth Athletic Program

The SportsRhythms Academy (SRA) offers tailored programs that are interactive, long-term, and life-enriching, designed to be used in conjunction with DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father’s Dream documentary. The documentary emphasizes the five principles of desire, dream, vision, belief, and power, which represent the core values that formed the foundation of DeSean’s roadmap to the NFL. The evolution of consistent practices of the fundamental principles has helped DeSean with the mentorship and guidance of “Team Jackson.” He is talented and continues to live his dream life as a professional football player.

SportsRhythms Academy’s Dream Playbook aims to guide the youth towards building and empowering their dreams. Whether it is on the football field or within a corporation, the same principles apply. Get started with your own practice today to become a pro in life!

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Enhancing Sports & the Community

It all started with Byron's desire to see his little brother DeSean succeed. The foundation of the organization was set, when Byron and his father Bill Jackson, created a unique concept that came to be known as Team Jackson. Team Jackson was a team of Football all-stars that all cared for DeSean. Team Jackson was comprised of Byron, Bill, and other family friends with sports knowledge. Team Jackson propelled DeSean into a successful NFL career. Now, SportsRythms aims to use this same recipe for success to help the youth of today.

SportsRhythm offers services to enhance our sports lovers and community with Integrity and Personal Growth guidance. We teach compassion and mindfulness through sports and detailed life coaching. We use sports principles to help make our students strong, productive members of society.